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Fiberside Chats

Fiberside Chat: Hanna Thiesen

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Fiberside Chat: Jilllian Moreno

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Fiberside Chat: Melissa Leapman

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Celebrate the Summer Solstice!
For our Fiberside Chat, Hannah will dive into the Summer Solstice section of her new book, Seasonal Slow Knitting, and chat about what it means to knit seasonally in the hottest moments of the year--even when wool doesn't seem like much of an option. By reframing our year-long relationship according to what the world around us demands, you'll discover more freedom, renewed inspiration and excitement when it's time to pick up those stitches! For the full effect of this Summer Solstice chat, we encourage attendees to wear their very best handmade crowns (flowers, yarn, whatever you like). This event will be LOADED with gifts and discounts for attendees and a very special giveaway.

Hannah Thiessen is an enthusiastic, lifelong knitter who has turned her passion for exploring the world through sumptuous fiber and color into a career as a yarn industry consultant, knitting designer and the author of her own books. Her first book, Slow Knitting (Abrams, 2017), introduces knitters to a philosophy centered around knitting as a practice that enhances our human experience. Her second book, Seasonal Slow Knitting (Abrams, 2019) expands upon her initial ideas, encouraging knitters of all skill levels to seek new places to find joy through fiber in their lives every day of the year. Hannah currently lives just outside Nashville, Tennessee, where she explores natural dyeing, new knitting ideas and techniques, and shares her projects and favorite fibers through her website,, and on Instagram @hannahbelleknits.

This is a one-time live Zoom Event on Sunday, June 20th at 4:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Central, 2:00pm Mountain, 1:00pm Pacific.

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