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 Happy New Year!


Welcome, Keith Leonard!

Keith Leonard gained a love for knitting at the early age of 11 when he joined a lunchtime knitting program in his hometown of Haworth New jersey.

            After working at 4 major knitting stores ranging from Upstate New York, New Jersey and New York City, he realized there was no specialized service for knitwear finishing and took the initiative to start his own business called “Knits All Done.” (a service for knitters to outsource their knits for professional finishing). Keith understands the fine difference between a “hand made” and “home made” finished garment. He now travels the country teaching multiple classes while selling his custom Zen Yarn Garden yarns and colors.

Keith is giving us THREE great classes:

Short Row Fun!

Short row fun anyone? In this class Keith will teach you how to properly work short rows using two different colors or yarn to create 1 of 24 squares that combined turn into a beautiful afghan called “the Lizard Ridge”. You not only learn short rows, you will learn how to properly read and count your stitches while working two different strands of yarn from the same ball of yarn. Disclaimer: Once you start this project, it will be very, very hard to put it down. Be prepared for addiction, laughter, and bursts of color!

Fair Isle and Reading Color Charts

You will make a hat composed of different colored hearts.  Learn how to perfect this art form of knitting while using two different colors of yarn and both hands.

Keith's Tips and Tricks

Learn clever ideas to make your finished projects look hand made instead of home made.  Keith will cover several topics such as speed blocking, finishing, and fixing glaring errors.  You'll be so smart after this class!

Sue's classes:

Autumn Fusion Redux

Learning new things is what keeps us knitting.  In this class, German short rows, I-cord cast-on, bind-off, and edges are the focus.  The end result is a beautiful wrap that looks harder than it really is.

Glitz at the Ritz
Creating a little bling is easier than you think.  The beads are added to the lace work shawl as you knit. 

Learn Brioche

Brioche seems intimidating, but Sue will demystify the process for you.  The Churros scarf is a simple yet stunning example of the brioche stitch.

Sunspotter Shawl

Learn to use several colors to create this colorful shawl

Technique of the Month: Cast ons

There are many ways to cast on and each one serves a unique purpose.

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